I’m an adult, but not like a real adult
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Because when I was 13 years old, I was sent home for my tank top straps being a little too thin, but a boy could wear a Cool Story babe, Go Make Me A Sandwich shirt and not be looked at twice.

Because when I was 17 and I told a guy “No” and the next day the word tease was painted on my locker.

Because when I was 18 and just wanted to be friends, I was a bitch.

Because I feel the need to say “I have a boyfriend” instead of “No” because guys respect other men more than they would ever respect me.

Because society screams “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape”

Because I am scared to walk alone at 10 PM

Because being beautiful is the most important thing I’ll ever do.

Because when I wear my favorite skirt “I’m asking for it”

Because the song Blurred Lines exists

Because no means no no matter how you fucking spin it

Because a girl was drugged and raped with a beer bottle, and the boys who did it are out on bail.

Because I owe you nothing

Because pepper spray is a gift I receive yearly.

Because I am asked if I have a boyfriend more than I am asked about my mental health

Because my clothes say more about my consent then my mouth does.

Because the wage gap exists

Because “not all men are like that” is said way too often


Because I feel the need to say “I’m not a feminist but…”

Because I’m writing this fucking piece

-When you ask why I’m angry? (via brennanat)


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It just doesn’t

it can’t even.








I have never thought about it in this context

that’s actually really, really creepy.

I… fuck.

Yeah, basically.

I once pointed this out to my mother and she just stared at me, in stunned silence for ages. 

There will always be a girl who is less sober, less secure, with less friends walking in a darker part of town. I want her safe just as much as I want me safe.

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Here are some adorable dogs holding flowers. Have a great day everyone




Orphan Black 2x07 - Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things


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Gazpacho is working hard in the office to prepare for session 4! #campyatc #yatc #whyarentyouhere #dog #gazpacho #Chihuahua #camp #workinghard #office #emails (at Young Actors’ Theatre Camp)

The hardest worker at camp.